Casual schmasual

Here is a post I began writing on my blog at heidiraefj but it didn’t work out. I didn’t want to have just wasted my time, so I’ve decided to make a new page on this site and forget about the other one. Sayonara,!

It’s been FOREVER. I know, sooo long since I last posted. Well, sorry future Heidi (my target audience). You’re gonna miss whatever happened in your life in the last few months. Luckily nothing that exiting has happened, so I won’t be missing out on much.

For my grand re-debut, I’ve decided to post some photos. I haven’t posted many photos because (no offence but) this website is super slow! I’m even thinking of changing to WordPress (gasp!). I know I’ll definitely use it for my blog about my awesome trip to the US in a few weeks (that’s right–a few WEEKS!). I can’t wait to have eight days of summer, then FIVE WHOLE WEEKS OF WINTER, and then come back just in time to catch the end of summer and have my world slowly becoming winter again. In case you didn’t realise, summer ain’t my thang. Gimme snow or rain or cold any day.

Here’s an awesome recipe I devised myself, and I’m pretty sure it’s totally original so no one anywhere else ever is getting a recipe like this, you guys. Also, it’s just in time for SUMMER (here in the southern hemisphere, at least) and I can feel the weather getting hotter, so my drinks are getting cooler.

By the way this recipe is VEGETARIAN, VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, NUT-FREE, HALAL and many other dietary-restrictions.



What you need:

– Some frozen watermelon pieces

– Water

– Mint (optional)

– Some sort of blending machine


1. Take your watermelon pieces outta the freezer. Sorry, you’d have had to have (confusing?) planned this in advance. There’s also another method in which you switch the water and watermelon, so you crush just normal watermelon and ice together. Either way, follow these instructions and I guarantee (with a smile) a great summer drink.

2. Put them in the fanciest bowl you have (in my case this Ikea bowl) and take some photos. (This step is optional.)


4. Put the watermelon into your blending machine (ours is of a George Foreman variety) and add some water. You might like to add a bit less than I have in the photo but I add this much ’cause otherwise our blending machine won’t work properly.


(Please ignore the Tardis teapot in the background. IT’S NOT MINE. Please. It belong to my sister.)

5. Grab some mint from your backyard or your fridge and wash it. I like to put the mint in right at the end and just pulse the juice for a bit(maybe five seconds)–if you put it in at the start the crush becomes a funky pinkish-greenish colour which is fine but I just like pretty things.


6. Pour your crush into a fancy glass (again, mine is from Ikea).

7. ENJOY. I like to enjoy mine with a straw and a garnish (said with the poshiest British accent you can think of) and take photos of it outside while my dog sniffs the glass. BEWARE: the hot, annoying Australian heat will melt this sucker super quickly.


Can you spot the little dog tongue?

There you have it! It tastes great and feels even better. You know when you can feel the liquid going through each part of your body?

That’s all from me for now. Hopefully this blog’ll be updated more regularly than my one.



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