The five ‘W’s (minus one ’cause we all know WHEN it’s due).

For our first journalism assignment, I’ve chosen my sister to interview because I know how strong her passion for animals is. She volunteers at a pound between university classes and always has a story about the animals there. Though I may not think they’re the most interesting stories, she thinks they’re so great because animals are the “greatest things in the world”. I hope to communicate her love for animals (and maybe skip her hate for humans…) and I plan to do this by recording her as soon as she gets home one day after volunteering. I’m going to include her rationalising why dogs bark so loudly and why cats really aren’t that high-strung. I think I’ll include her talking to the animals rather than me (or the audience) because she says she finds it easier to talk to them! I’ll ask about how she copes with knowing that she can’t save each and every animal that she wants to. This (hopefully) will create some suspense and make for a more interesting story!


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