Sound Cloud

Just getting a grip on using Hindenburg for journalism. I couldn’t find the sounds I was looking for but I did the best with what I could. It’s not great but it’s a start.
I was initially going to do my assignment on my baby cousin, but after consideration I’ve decided on a different idea.
I will be doing my assignment on my grandma and her dining room–the place where family gatherings are most lively and where she can spend time with her kids and grandkids. I have sounds of our family together, talking, but I need to record some more specific sounds (kettle boiling, laughing, singing, knife chopping, etc.). It shouldn’t be hard to get these sounds but I need to find a quiet time in my house (which is rare!) and do it then. I think editing the sounds together to give it the specific aura I’m going for will be difficult. It’s hard to plan when each sound would be the most effective. Hindenburg has been fairly simple to use, however, some features I’d like to use aren’t easy to find!


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