Student life and the mysteries of university

I talked to eight people about university. The interesting part? Out of them, only four have been to university; three went straight to working; and one is too young to be in university.

I asked them about their experiences with student life, and their thoughts on what they think university life is like these days.

Four of my interviewees were born overseas, and four were born in Australia. Their ages vary from six to 63, and their backgrounds are all very different. This led to some very interesting and mixed answers.


  1. How would you describe student life? (Whether it be university, high school, or primary school.)
  2. What do you think university is like these days?
  3. Do you think university is necessary?



Many people who have never been to university don’t actually know what is involved and what is expected of the students. Every year, university life changes. Those who graduated ten years ago may have had a completely different university experience to those who are graduating now. After talking to a group of people with different backgrounds and different experiences with university, I found some very different and very similar answers.

A common answer was ‘stressful’, ‘hard’ and ‘long’. But I’ll let you make your own decisions about university life for the modern day student.



Thank you to everyone who participated in the interviews:

– Ava

– Brock

– Eva

– Dasha

– Honza

– Noreen

– Simon

– Simone


“Vivacity” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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