So for JRNL101…

Me and my little cousin, Ava.

I started uni this week! And the first ever lecture of my uni life? Journalism.

Specifically, Media Reporting and Storytelling 1.


I’m studying a double degree (maybe biting off more than I can chew?) at University of Wollongong. Bachelor of Journalism/Bachelor of Creative Arts (Creative Writing).


And this will be my Journalism portfolio.


My other uni subjects are all to do with creative writing, so they have no place here. That’ll all be covered in my other blog, which I’ll link here (subtle way to promote a blog, huh?).


I’ll sometimes put my foot in it, and other times I’ll hold back so much that you, my reader, will be frustrated and so might feel compelled to throw your device across the room. But don’t. Because that won’t solve anything.

I’ll talk about my past travels, my future travels, and my dreams of traveling (I do talk about other things… actually, not really).

I’ll make hilarious jokes and terrible jokes.

But through it all, I’ll write (duh).


Whatever your reason is for reading this, though, I’ll appreciate you.

This is my portfolio.


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