About me!

I decided I am going to try and sum up myself in ten dot points. I am hazy as to why I would do this, but I have an hour to kill before my bus comes and I like a little challenge.


1. I don’t eat meat, and I haven’t for almost 8 years now.

2. I am a Godmother to a beautiful little girl called Lola (who also happens to be my cousin).

3. I love to travel, to talk about travel, to hear about travel, and to plan travel.

4. My favourite book is Struck by Lightning.

5. I have four great pets (and one okay one). Here is THEIR list:

– Snowy (dog)

– Cheeky (dog)

– Daisy/Doisy (cat)

– Desmond (fish)

– Molly-Jones (fish)

6. I am pretty kind on the outside and extremely judgemental on the inside.

7. I LOVE a good joke. Seriously. If you’re funny, I will almost always want to be your friend.

8. I have about three outfits that I will repeatedly wear.

9. I don’t care for the radio.

10. I want to be a screenwriter!


Now these facts are in no particular order except for the fact that the top ones came to my head first and the bottom ones last…

I hope you got to know a bit more about me. Who am I talking to, you ask? Well, if you’re reading this, clearly I’m talking to you.

*sign-off in huge cursive letters with hearts above the I’s*



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